Alberta Real Estate Association Exclusive Seller Representation Agreement

This option may be suitable if a commitment is very ephemeral and the scope should not go beyond visiting a limited number of properties before considering an offer, and you want your agent to provide you with advice and/or opinions on the transaction. Your written service agreement is a seller representation agreement, also known as a listing agreement. The agreement contains the details of the listing, including list price, inclusions/exclusions, date of possession and lists your responsibilities and obligations as well as those of your real estate agent. In addition to managing real estate forms, AREA is developing resources to help Alberta REALTORSĀ® use forms, for example. B explanation forms, discussion guides, online tutorials and videos. For the purposes of this article, the context of the buyer. Agency relationships are the same for a seller. The term seller can be interpreted as a broker of the seller or, if it is not represented by a broker, by the seller. Scouts don`t joke with their motto: “Be ready.” If you are ready and find a great agent with whom you can work, buying and selling real estate can be really fun! Inclusions/Exclusions: Inclusions are items that you include with the sale of your home and exclusions are the items that you exclude. Be specific with your entries and exclusions in your offer agreement and in all offers/counter-offers. There are a lot of misunderstandings about buying real estate, here are some of the most common misunderstandings and ways to protect yourself. Studies show that many home buyers wish they had done something different when buying their home, one of which is a market benchmarking (CMA) tool.

In a CMA, real estate professionals use data on recently sold comparable properties to get a reasonable list price for your property. Dower Rights: If you are married in Alberta, but your spouse is not a registered owner of your title deed, you may need their consent to sell the property. The seller`s representation contract concerns the consent of the spouse and your real estate agent can provide you with further information. AREA manages and copyrights Alberta REALTORS formsĀ® use in transactions. Our goal is to preserve the legal integrity of real estate transactions, while making the forms easily understood by consumers and, where appropriate, complying with the required regulatory content.