California Snf Standard Admission Agreement

Each admission contract must meet the requirements of California Code 22, Section 72520, which requires the facility to offer to keep a bed for the resident if the resident is to be transferred to an acute hospital for seven days or less. The institution shall also inform the resident or a representative of the resident of the rights of a dwelling house at the time of transfer. The resident or resident`s representative has 24 hours from receipt of the notification to request the bed. The admission contract states that the facility shall offer the resident the nearest suitable bed available if the facility cannot follow this prescribed procedure. The property informs the occupant that Medi-Cal pays up to seven days. (b) No admission contract requires prior notification of the voluntary dismissal of an institution. (a) No admission contract requires the resident to pay days beyond the date of death or involuntary dismissal from the institution, unless an institution may charge the resident a maximum of three days at the base rate if the resident is voluntarily released from the institution less than three days after admission. This section does not affect the provision for payment of up to seven days, in accordance with the Bedhold Regulations, pursuant to California Administrative Code Section 72520. This section shall not apply to persons declared legally incompetent after the signature of the contract of approval. This division does not apply to persons if the physician and surgeon of that person has found that the person is unable to understand and sign the written declaration because of his state of health. The written statement shall indicate the date on which the person`s signature was collected. The written declaration is kept by the institution with the admission contract of the person previously signed.

(f) translated copies of the list of patients` rights shall be made available to all long-term health facilities in the State, including qualified care facilities, intermediate care facilities and care facilities. It is the responsibility of long-term health facilities to duplicate and distribute, where appropriate, translated versions of patients` Bills of Rights through admission agreements. (c) Subdivisions (a) and (b) shall apply to all new admissions to qualified care facilities, intermediate care centres and care facilities, which take place after 31 December 1999. (b) 1. The model agreement may be amended only if it is indicated by the division.