Direct Agreement Meaning

Direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians (2010-2011) – Benjamin Netanyahu, Mahmoud Abbas, George J. Mitchell and Hillary Clinton, at the beginning of the direct talks, September 2, 2010. Direct negotiations have taken place between Israel and the Palestinian Authority since September 2010. . Wikipedia Authority Collateral Agreements: These were born as an extension of the concept that underlies the direct agreement of lenders. Administrative security agreements shall be concluded between the Authority and contractors concluding contracts with Projectco. The intention is that, if Projectco is in arrears in its obligations under the contract during the construction phase, the Authority can ensure that the project is completed by taking over the corresponding contract from Projectco. In addition, the Authority may take over Projectco`s operating contract at the end of the project. Project sponsor: the person who plays an active role in the management of the project. The project promoter owns Projectco and obtains a profit, either due to projectco`s ownership or through management contracts, if the project is successful. The proponent often has to cover certain liabilities or risks of the project by providing guarantees or by entering into management or service contracts. Subcontracting: Projectco has entered into various subcontracts to pass on the risks incurred by project agreement.

It is customary that Projectco does not itself carry out key activities, but rather that it is a vehicle for the formation of the contractual suite related to the project, hence the term “affected vehicles”. Direct agreements are generally referred to as “tripartite agreements”, which reflects the fact that they are an agreement between three parties, i.e.: service contracts: Projectco concludes service contracts with service providers and transmits its service obligations to these contractors under the project agreement. As noted above, service providers provide guarantees to the Authority and, in certain circumstances, the Authority has registration fees, again subject to the rights of lenders. Where appropriate, a direct agreement may include clauses in which the counterparty to the project document agrees to the collection or assignment as security of the project company`s rights contained in the project document. Equity investors: lenders or sponsors of projects who do not expect to play an active role in the project. In the case of lenders, they have an equity stake, in addition to the granting of debt loans, in order to obtain a better return if the project is successful. In most cases, any investment in shares comes with an agreement allowing the investor to sell their shares in the project sponsor if the developer wishes to leave the project. Similarly, the project sponsor may have the opportunity to buy back the shares. .