Rwanda Power Purchase Agreement

The Rucanzogera hydroelectric project will soon enter its construction phase. It is being developed by a consortium consisting of Norwegian company Empower New Energy, Rwanda General Engineering Works Company (Tiger) and Malthe Winje, a company based in Oppegård, Norway. Financial Close Date: 01/23/2017The sales department Date: 31.01.2018 Estimated project cost: $15MCapitulation: This 2.6 MW hydropower plant is located in the Rwaza sector, on the Mukungwa River, in the Musanze district of Rwanda. The American company DC HydroPower identified and developed the project during the feasibility phase and the signing of a power purchase agreement (ECA) with the Rwanda Energy Group. Power Africa conducted a feasibility study through the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA). Power Africa partner ResponsAbility has joined HydroPower, along with Frontier Energy DC, as an investment partner in the final phase of development. The base energy produced by Symbion Power from the lake`s resource is expected to help improve Rwanda`s electricity supply and reduce the total cost of electricity. Rubavu: Shema Gas LNG plant is about to be completed The small hydropower plant was developed by the Rwandan company TIGER (Travaux d`Ingenierie Generale du Rwanda) in collaboration with Malthe Winje, a Norwegian engineering and construction company. Empower New Energy will contribute to the project with TIGER and Malthe Winje Impact Equity Capital. The facility will provide 9 GWh of clean energy per year in one of Rwanda`s least developed regions. The total cost of the project is estimated at $US 7.9 million. In addition to clean and reliable electrification in rural communities, more than 7,000 tons of CO2 will be saved each year.

The implementation of the Rucanzogera hydroelectric project requires a total investment of $7.9 million. The three consortium companies are providing the funding through a half-million euro grant from the European Energy and Environment Partnership Facility (EEP Africa). This is a specific credit line for clean energy managed by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) and financed by Austria, Finland and the NDF. Mugiraneza said the energy project was an important part of Rwanda`s plan to increase production capacity. “We are confident that the technology will work at scale and help support our plan to generate more electricity,” said Mugiraneza. The availability of electricity per capita per capita in Rwanda is expected to increase. 17. January (Renewables Now) – Norway-based Empower New Energy AS announced this week that it signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) in December with Rwanda`s state-owned power purchase agreement (PFA) for a 1.9 MW hydropower plant (HPP) in Rwanda. .

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